Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How Does It Begin?

Simply. With one hook and a skein of yarn that soon becomes a chain and then a double or tripe crochet, a ruffle, a popcorn and on and on with more yarns added and finally, the piece you've created tells you it's finished and it rests on your neck or on the neck of someone you know. And it is beautiful.
The next day, the process repeats itself as new yarns suggest new ways of working. Every single piece is different from every other and can never be replicated. There are no 'directions', just the flow of the yarn over my fingers and the hook moving in and out and over.
My first experiments were awkward, over complicated and flat. But after a month or two I made a neck piece that I enjoyed wearing. People admired the work and asked 'what exactly were these extravagant things circling my neck? Frankly, I haven't found a good name for them yet. I'll take suggestions.

You can see many more at my website. And I'll begin to post the stories behind some of the pieces and describe the making of them. For now, I'm off for a walk while it's still light.

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