Friday, October 21, 2011

Beginning Again Freeform

That crochet piece I started at Jinny Avery's last July - or was it August - is not yet finished. I began a second piece with subtle soft grays on the way to New Orleans and worked on it some more during that road trip to Chappell Hill with George. Car travel is a perfect time to crochet - unless I get too far along without draping the work-in-progress over my shoulders for a good hard look in the mirror. I try on each of these crochet pieces dozens of times as I work to be sure the piece is wearable and that it drapes easily around the neck.
I call this new burst of crocheting 'beginning again', because I've not crocheted compulsively since before the very busy year when I produced Second Seating and that was in 2009. Artful Interventions @ the new Houston Permitting Center was first and foremost on my mind in 2010 and 2011. Add in good times spent with ES and writing the memoir piece and making those Rice U Continuing Studies screen script writing class sessions. Add in the trips to Seattle to see family and to host the fourth annual 4-generational Discovery Park Picnic, the two day adventure to New Orleans to take in that special spot that my brother John wanted me to see. That spot would be a compound of 19th houses at the corner of Race & Religion.
Then there is time spent on the screen porch, time for hanging and rehanging ever more ES paintings - what's not to love? And finally getting the gardens in order with the help of Mary Elizabeth @ Semperflorens. I also had the exterior walls on either side of my dining room windows painted violet and shrimp as a first step toward place-making between the house and the screen porch.
Well, read this post and wonder. I'm not really talking about freeform crochet. Sounds more like as calendar of events or a number of excuses for not crocheting as I did several years ago.
However, I am planning a trunk shop for extravagant crochet pieces in early December 2011. Perhaps, I'll throw in some photo collages and painted plates? So let me know if you want your name on the mailing list. I have boxes filled with unique, one-of-a-kind neck adornments. They need be worn. They need to get out in the world.
For a virtual tour of these terrific pieces, click on this link: Freeform Extravagance

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